Dana Clancy
Up to itOpening nightThe Light at the EdgeAdvancing and RecedingAt the GlassPlatformReflection IIReflectionStridePassageRestLineProcessThat Over ThisThroughFinding the WayTravelerWritten MaterialSplit VistaActors IIActorsHeavy LightLess AbstractPainting ShowCarry It with YouSpinThe Storm Outside the WindowStagesProjection
In these paintings of museum spaces, flat geometric shapes and abrupt divisions within the paintings amplify a feeling of looking deep into spaces while weaving opposing views of a space into one image. Paintings like Written Material, Split Vista and Carry It with You are composed along a central division so that the viewer has to choose which 'way' to go as is the case in multileveled museums like the Tate Modern and Museum of Modern Art in New York. Figures who are also engaged in the act of looking draw the viewer’s eye into the space and a potential narrative while reminding the viewer of his or her own stance as an observer in a real gallery space.